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Helping Our Players Hone Their Skills

We offer baseball training with the best trainers and coaches

Are you looking to clock in at 90+ mph? Do you want to hit home runs like it's nothing? Irish Baseball 915 knows that becoming a top athlete doesn't happen overnight - it requires regular training and preparation. That's why we work closely with Coach Camacho for arm care and dynamic strengthening, as well as private trainer Robert Godinez for strength and conditioning. By training our team to excel at fitness and conditioning, we can help every player showcase their abilities on the field.

Getting fit at Top View Fitness

Irish Baseball 915 proudly uses Top View Fitness to train and enhance the performance of our players. We're long-time partners of their gym and stand by their quality and customer service. When you become a member of our baseball team, you can look forward to having access to their state-of-the-art equipment and resources.